What's your idea of a great BBQ? Describe it. I&#39;m probably preaching to the choir, but I find vegetarians annoying. That&#39;s not to say all of them. The ones that can keep quiet and be normal while refraining from meat are fine. I have absolutely no problem with them. If you don&#39;t want to eat meat, that&#39;s perfectly fine. You&#39;re missing out on some great food, but that is your own decision.<br/> <br/> The ones that annoy me are the missionaries that chastise people for murdering countless animals and butchering chickens. I find their lack of acceptance extremely off putting, especially given their minority status in the meat market of America. I understand that they may consider it wrong to eat an animal, and if I sat down with them and talked to them about my diet then I would love to hear their argument. But when I just got off a ten hour no food bender and I&#39;m inhaling a chicken sandwich, the last thing I care about is how they slaughtered the chicken. I&#39;m not one of those ass holes that says &quot;Whatever they did, it&#39;s delicious!&quot; But I do try to let them know that they have given an opinion without asking.<br/> <br/> And therein lies the issue at the heart of the matter. I think those people chose vegetarianism for the debates, much like the dentist from Seinfeld choosing Judaism for the jokes. When I see somebody wearing an Ed Hardy shirt, I most definitely think he has some self confidence issues and was probably raised by a neanderthal with a thumb up her ass, but I don&#39;t approach the individual and tell them that. It&#39;s called polite society. So why should somebody attack me when I&#39;m eating a sandwich with some meat in it?<br/> <br/> And by the way, a plant is just as much a living organism as an &quot;animal,&quot; it just doesn&#39;t have furry ears and make cute noises.

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